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Business Cards

We can design and print business cards that incorporate your personal or company identity. These can range in format from basic black & white to impressive, full-color designs. We can also create a corporate identity package for you, with an integrated system of business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

Business Card Options:

12 pt, Digital Color: Our most economical and quickest turnaround option prints with stunning color off of our Xerox EX 700 copier.

14 pt, UV Coating: Our study 14pt cardstock provides a professional look, finished off with a extra glossy UV Coating.

16 pt, UV Coating: An even sturdier cardstock than our 14pt, with an extra UV Coated gloss on top.

12 pt Foil: Foil stamping provides a unique look for your cards. This process involves outlining your text, logo or graphic in a foil color of your choice, then hot-stamped onto a business card.

80# Thermography: A great option if you'd like a card with a tactile sensation with words that literally rise up from the page.

16 pt Silk: This distinguished-looking card comes with a silky finish and a modern appeal.

20 pt Clear Plastic: Your cards will definitely stand out with this credit-card type look. Extra thick, super classy.

10 pt Tear Resistant: Try as much as you can but you will not be able to tear this business card! Handy for cards that will go through lots of wear and tear. It's water resistant as well.